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This is a page to help you develop your creative ideas. Wooly products made to help you do something else. Whether you want to knit a warm winter sweater for your grandson, or prepare a beautiful felt wall hanging, we hope to have what you need.



This lovely yarn is available in either skeins or on cones spun to 1000 yds/lb. The skeins are washed and made up in 4 oz. units. Available colors are all natural. As you might expect, the creamy Romney white comes from our white flock, and the beautiful natural grey is from our flock of Natural Colored Romneys. The white accepts dye with all the intensity you hoped for and the grey dyes up in beautiful heather tones that will knock your socks off. (Go thru the Cozy Comforts page to see the Romney Sox to be knocked off).

The cone yarns still have a small amount of spinning oil on them. They can be warped directly on a loom or fed straight into your knitting machine. The small amount of oil makes the knitting go really smooth. The skeins have been washed.

Since washing fluffs the yarn, we suggest you knit a swatch and then wash/dry exactly as you would the item you're making to check the gauge. To see some examples of swatches and results of washing, click here [Test Swatches.]


[Yarn] [Yarn]


We also have a Soft Spun, Bulky 2-ply Yarn in beautiful creamy white, silver grey, and dark silver grey. This beautiful yarn has lots to say. It just cries out to be a big heavy sweater or maybe an afghan or warm hat. Actually, you can probably think of lots of projects yourself. Let yourself go.

This yarn averages about 368 yds/ lb. It looks like about 6 wraps per inch and will probably knit on size 13 needles to about 3.5-4 stitches/ in. There is very little spinning oil on this yarn. When skeining it, we did not wash it and it looks fantastic. It is priced at $1.80/oz on cones weighing about 1.5 lbs or $2.00/oz in skeins.

Margaret just had to try it out, so she used her new flat knitting board to do a luscious white scarf and has started a silver grey hat on a round knitting loom. To see a collection of these handy knitting looms, check this link. Decor Accents Knitting Looms

Bulky Yarns Scarf and Hat


The same lovely natural colors in single ply worsted weight yarn, spun 800 yds. to the pound. Available in 4 oz. skeins @ $6.98 per skein.

Single Ply Yarns


FELT SHEETS------ $2.35/ oz. (Quantity discount on 5 sheets or more)

The FELT is back!!! These sheets are made from our lovely Romney wool and felted by our processor on a MiniMill. They measure approximately 3 X 4 ft. and weigh 11-18 oz. each. Due to variations in size and weight, they are sold by the sheet, but priced by the oz. They are soft fulled and come with [instructions] for further fulling to use in clothing items or other projects of heavier wear.

For you felt artists, the soft fulled surface is perfect for accepting additional fibers with regular felting techniques or needle felting. We also have wool batts and roving for feltmaking and we have needles available for needlefelting. Click here to see a brief discussion and examples of NEEDLEFELTING.

These sheets would be perfect as material for hats, mittens, slippers, stuffed animals, and even larger items such as vests, skirts, jackets, pillows or wall hangings. Imagine felt cutout designs appliqued on a vest or skirt. Or embroidery designs on hats, mittens, or slippers. You can add color with dyed wool or yarn applied with felting techniques to your art projects or clothing.

The sheets in stock now come in med. dark grey and creamy Romney white. If you need more info, E-mail us here at SPRING HILL FARM

[Draped felt]

[Draped felt] [Draped felt and Yarn]

You can see how the silver grey bulky yarn matches up with the felt. Think about a felt vest body with knitted sleeves and collar.

Below are three sheets of felt purchased by Anne Vickrey and then dyed by Karen Livingstone of Livingstone Dyeworks, Oakland, CA (Phone 510-536-4244). The red one was folded, tied and dip-dyed. The brown one was folded, clamped, and dip-dyed, and the grey one is typical shibori technique. Our thanks to Anne for showing them off and allowing the picture, to Karen for the beautiful dyeing and Joyce Harrell for the picture.

[Dyed Felt]

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