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Spring Hill Farm Show Season 2010

As part of our program to assess our sheep and fleeces we usually take them to a number of shows each year and compete against other sheep producers in front of qualified judges. As time passes we have dropped a number of shows and this was our 2010 output.

April 15-18. (Shepherds Extravaganza). Puyallup Fairgrounds, WA as part of the Puyallup Spring Fair.
One of the biggest fleece sales around and lots of booths. If you are into wool, the fleece show is worth the visit. Kirsten Holbro was the judge this year and that is another knowledgeable young lady. We learned a lot. Also a ton of demonstrations. Margaret had our sales booth (and friends helped out) plus some animals. This is the 31st anniversary of the Extravaganza and some of the volunteers who put on this show have been there the whole time. That's quite a record. There is lots of satisfaction for a job well done, but a little word of thanks never hurts.

Due to an outbreak near the end of the fall fair of a rare disease, carried by sheep (but harmless to them) and fatal to cattle, the Extravaganza was not allowed to have sheep the last two years. Margaret had a great show in terms of fleece and fair in processed wool. Lots of nice people.

May 31. Shepherds Festival. Grange Hall, Sequim, WA. This is the fourth year they've had the Festival at the Grange hall on the west side of Sequim and it worked well. Not sure of the name of the Hall, but signs and local papers should cover it. It's a fun little show with booths (including ours), spinners, weavers, some 4-H animals and others. If you've followed this page in the past you know that Margaret and I have a habit of marking certain shows by the food item(s) they have. It seems like every fair has a special that we particularly like. Would you say we're food oriented? Probably!! The Shepherds Festival is famous for their lamb chili and lamb kebobs. If you came all the way to Sequim and walked right past our booth and into the food line, I'd understand. You may find me ahead in line, but it's OK, they never run out. This is another one of those shows where a small dedicated group works very hard putting on this show just for you, either exhibitor or visitor. Without them it wouldn't exist. If you enjoy yourself, give them a word of thanks. We'll point them out for you, if you like.
Sequim was all it's glorious self. Pretty decent weather and a great crowd. The show went well and we made some new friends and saw lots of old ones. The chili and kebobs were wonderful.

June 18-20. Black Sheep Gathering. Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, Oregon. Years ago we always attended this show, even when it was down in Cottage Grove, Oregon across the creek from the stock car track. We have loved it ever since, but we've changed our operation some. Rather than taking sheep and working our tails off all weekend, we use it as a busmans holiday. We just take ourselves and spend the weekend bothering our friends. It's usually the highlight of our summer. We know, at least casually, most of the people there and it's our best opportunity all year to get to spend some quality time. If you can make it, and you shouldn't miss it, keep an eye out for us just strolling around gabbing or sitting in the stands cheering on the sheep shows.
Due to a roaming ram who got thru fences in January, we had additional lambing in June and felt we couldn't leave the farm. We were most disappointed in missing Colette Culver and her wonderful hospitality. Well, there's always next year.

August 13-15> Jefferson County Fair. Port Townsend, WA. Jefferson County Fair is our home fair so we always enjoy seeing our friends and neighbors. Jeff. Cty. is a really small, hometown kind of fair. The livestock shows are a real highlight and the 4-H kids are out in force. We used to have a really top-rated sheepherding dog trial that ran 2 full days and I could have spent all my time there. Unfortunately, the times caught up with us and it was replaced by a 4-wheel mud race. Nuff said!
We are one of the biggest contingents in the Open Class Sheep show and consider it a privilege to help represent Jefferson County and the sheep industry here at home. There are seldom very many other Romneys present, so we usually do well by default (we encourage the 4-H kids to show in the Open Class too). However, it's always good to be able to promote Romneys.

This seemed to be the lost summer from h**** and we were unable to make the Jefferson Fair.

August 25-29. Kitsap County Fair Silverdale, WA. Kitsap is our old home fair and so we are usually heavily involved. Margaret is the Wool Show Superintendent and Gary runs the 'Lads and Ladies Lead' (we both get lots of help from Joyce Harrell and Marybeth Nightingale and their lovely daughters). Delores Still is the Asst. Supt for the Wool Show.
Joyce is the Sheep Supt. and does a great job. Marybeth's daughter Elizabeth is the 4H Supt extraordinaire. You can expect a fine show for both sheep and wool. The Lads and Ladies Lead is well attended and you'll see a nice tribute to the Wonderful World of Wool! If you're a rodeo fan, Kitsap is recognized as one of the best in the country.
We had a great time at Kitsap this year. As we expected, Joyce, Marybeth, Elizabeth, and Leah covered all their jobs with class and skill, and still found time to help us. Grandma Marybeth spent a lot of time taking care of last years baby. We only brought 6 lambs (3 white, 3 nat. colored) and they did fine but they weren't the stars of the show. However, Margarets fleeces pretty well cleaned up in the wool show and we put our usual serious dent in the Scone Wagon too. The number of entries in 'The Lads and Ladies Lead' again up considerably over last year and the show was great. We had some really nice prizes donated by local business folks.

That covers our show season as we know it now. Margaret went down to Puyallup and helped Lin Schwider and her crew with the wool show. She had a good time. If you would like to contact us about specific show dates, please E-mail us here at SPRING HILL FARM

Although our sheep, fleeces, and wool products are always for sale here on the web and at the farm (please e-mail or call for an appointment), we have one special date you might like to visit. On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 we will have our Fall Harvest Sale here at Spring Hill Farm. We clean out the barn and bring all our products, raw and processed, down with a few sheep thrown in. We always have spinners and some other demonstrations, such as felting, wood carvers and shearing. We're open from 10-4. If you're in the area, or live locally, please drop by.

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