Links for sheep information, care, and equipment

Breeds and Breed Organizations

American Romney Breeders Association (ARBA)- Our governing organization and keeper of registrations. The Website lists the breed standards, has a copy of the latest newsletter, a membership list (including your regional representative) and the Assoc. Secretary if you'd like to join. You can also find a Romney breeder near you.

Natural Colored Wool Growers Association (NCWGA)- Registers colored sheep, both purebred and otherwise. Without them we probably wouldn't be showing colored sheep. They really got it started. Many shows require NCWGA membership for their shows.

Oklahoma State University Livestock Listings- A listing of literally hundreds of sheep breeds around the world. Great information.

Fencing, Equipment, and Sheep Supplies

Premier 1- A vast collection of fencing, handling, and general sheep supplies. Good company. When we visited years ago, they didn't sell anything without trying it first. I assume that's still true. Their catalog is a virtual instruction manual on fencing.

Sydell-Another huge collection of handling equipment and general sheep supplies. Good company. We use their show fitting stand and salt feeders.

Wooltique- Halters, show blankets and a million other things. Get a catalog.

Mid States Livestock Supplies- Hand Shears, Hoof trimmers, and a million other things. Get a catalog.

Sheepy Hollow Ranch- Maker of some of the greatest panels and handling equipment you will find. Our whole barn and runways use Chuck's equipment. Chuck can make literally anything you need. And Sharon is one of our favorite people.
P.O. Box 401, Sagle, ID, 208-263-4426

Animal Health

Pipestone Veterinary Supply- A company with vast knowledge of the veterinarian field and a staff of vets to answer questions. Both over the counter and prescription only medications. For a minimum order you get a FREE 1-year subscription to their valuable 'International SheepLetter' newsletter.

Animal Pharmaceuticals- Yakima, WA. Good source and good prices of medications.

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