Wool Felt

These instructions are provided to illustrate how easily further Fulling can be done.

This wool felt is at the medium stage--felted with very little fulling. If a more dense felt is desired, the following fulling method works well:

Immerse the sheet of felt--or portion of the sheet--into hot soapy water. (I use about 1 cup of water to about 1 Tablespoon of Murphy's Oil Soap but liquid dish soap can be used as well--about a squirt or two per gallon of water.) Wring out the wet felt by hand, but not too much, and lay it out on a piece of bubble wrap the same size as the felt. Place a piece of dowel, PVC pipe or stiff pipe insulation at one end of the two layers and roll them up, being careful to avoid big wrinkles or allowing two pieces of felt to touch without something between them--they may attach to each other. Tie the roll in two or three spots with cloth strips or use rubber bands. Add the soapy water as the felt dries out. This is a ‘wet process’. Roll the tube back and forth on a flat surface with a medium pressure. As you roll, the felt will "full" --shrink further and become more dense. After about five minutes, unroll the felt and check it. Roll it up again but with the felt going in the other direction to even out the fulling. The felt will shrink in the direction rolled--so change the direction for more even fulling. Continue to full to desired density. Remember to check it often as different wools full down more quickly than others. Rinse the felt, squeeze out the excess water, roll in a towel to extract more water and block out flat to dry. After it is dry--or even still quite damp--iron to smooth.