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Margaret and Gary Walters
3723 Beaver Valley Rd.
Port Ludlow, WA 98365

Spring Hill Farm is located in beautiful Beaver Valley on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State near the historic Victorian seaport of Port Townsend and the resort village of Port Ludlow. In addition to a wonderful setting, we also have the moist, cool environment so necessary to produce fleeces of softness and luster from our white and natural colored Romney sheep.

We have a large variety of sheep and wool products available. These include quality Romney breeding stock, beautiful raw handspinning fleeces, washed and carded fleeces ready for the discerning handspinner, and soft yarns in a variety of natural colors. Let your mind go with ways to use our soft prefelts. You can also find Cozy Comforts like warm comforter batts and wonderful wool socks. Please browse the rest of our site for descriptions and details. Page links are at the top and bottom of each page. If you're a frequent visitor to our pages, we try to list major changes and additions on the 'NewStuff' page to save you time.

For those of you interested in the farm itself and how we spend our time, we have a page called 'Around the Year' with some information and pictures for each month. We hope to insert new pictures as time goes by as well as new information. We hope you enjoy this feature.

We also show our sheep and fleeces at a variety of venues around the country. From our own wonderful Jefferson County Fair to a national show in Louisville, Kentucky. To follow our schedule (and hopefully stop and see us) checkout the 'Show Season' page.

If you have any questions, or just want to say hello and comment on what you see here, please E-mail us here at SPRING HILL FARM.

[Breeding Stock] [Raw & Processed Fleeces] [Yarns & Felt] [Cozy Comforts] [Gift Certificate]
[2010 Show Season] [Around the Year] [NewStuff] [More Links]